Friday, 18 March 2016

Flooding After 70mm Rainfall

This morning saw the golf course receive a deluge of rain recording 35mm overnight followed by 20mm of rain within 1 hour between 5.30am- 6.30am. Unfortunately this rain event has halted the topdressing of tee's as part of our autumn renovations, although coring and fertilising procedures had been completed prior to rain commencing. The topdressing will be completed as soon as better weather allows.

The Clubs NSW corporate golf day was cancelled this morning and has been rescheduled for 14/4/16. I have included a few photographs highlighting the flooding of the greens which is not ideal after a renovation as we are trying to encourage airflow to the pore spaces in the soil, these areas that pooled on the surface were removed of water as soon as the rain ceased. 

You can also see the extensive flooding of the area between 11th and 12th fairway. This area will now remain wet for the next week or so, therefore its imperative to take care to avoid these areas in carts whenever possible to reduce damage to the grass.

Due to the rain event all mowing of rough, greens and surrounds and fairways were unable to be undertaken today due to excessive surface water on the course.

 18th green
 15th green
 7th green
 8th fairway
 12th fairway
 11th fairway
 11th fairway
11th fairway

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