Monday, 21 March 2016

Greens Recovery Update

Today marks 2 weeks since all greens were cored as part of our autumn course renovations. The first cut was given to the greens on Thursday afternoon, it was performed in the afternoon as its when grass clippings are dry to ensure minimal leaves are left on the green. It also helps to reduce the work of the mower making it easier to cut through dry blades.

The greens were fertilised on Friday with an NPK slow release fertiliser to assist in recovery of our green after renovations and the timing of this application couldn't have been better with 74mm of rain falling since it was applied. In total we have had 149mm of rain in the past week which is more than enough.

Forecasts for the next few days are looking more promising so hopefully we can string a few days of warm weather to help dry out the soil profile of the greens and see even more recovery over coming weeks. We manage to get the greens cut again this morning in amongst the rain and will gradually work towards resuming our normal morning mowing regime. Generally it takes around 4-5 weeks until you see full recovery from greens renovations so please bare in mind how delicate and soft the greens are during this time and ensure extra care is taken when walking on green/ensure pitch marks are being repaired to reduce further damage.

Below are a couple of photos showing the turf recovery of the 18th green after 2 weeks.

New root development after coring 

15th green 1 day after renovations

18th green 2 weeks after renovations

Good recovery of 18th green after 2 weeks

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