Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Apart from a heavy downfall of 21mm of rain on Saturday night, the past week has provided perfect sunny skies with a few days reaching 26-28 degrees which is quite intriging for this time of year with more sunny weather expected leading into the Woolooware Cup.

There are still a few wet areas from the recent downpours so please be mindful especially in carts on areas including the 5th fairway and 7th fairway to drive only in high spots until the areas dry out. Unfortunately not all cart-goers abide by the rules as seen below which has created a mess in some areas of the course over the long weekend, ultimately affecting your playing surfaces.

Damage caused from cart on 7th fairway

Whilst many people were celebrating Anzac Day at a dawn service on Monday, my staff were on the course repairing various issues of vandalism that had taken place on the course including extensive damage to multiple greens, flagsticks being thrown into trees/creeks, beer bottles scattered across the course and a tee sign ripped out of the ground! Fortunately these issues have been rectified quickly and minimal damage can still be seen on the greens after multiple plugs had to be removed and replaced with new turf on the greens.

After recent discussions with committee members in and out of board meetings in regards to the height of the rough being excessive, we have lowered the rough mowers to 2 inches and the results can be seen below. The mowers set at this height can tolerate level areas, however on mounds, uneven areas and around tees/ greens they 'scalp' areas of turf as you can see which looks very uneasy on the eye.

Examples of scalping due to lowering rough heights

This will hopefully help to make finding balls easier to find and hit out of the rough hence speeding up play, however there will be a significant decrease in the aesthetics of the rough in certain areas as can be seen above. You will also notice less definition between where the fairway ends and the rough begins, similarly there will be less definition around the teeing area and the rough. We will strive our best to limit damage caused from lower mowing height with the machinery we have, although its easier said than done.

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