Sunday, 5 June 2016

Last week we began some construction work on the 18th teeboxes. The reasons for these works include:

- Small existing tees are unable to cope with the amount of rounds being played each year leading to overuse of the tee and compaction of turf surfaces.
- Lack of quality sunlight due to large surrounding trees, hence limiting turf growth and ability to recover from wear.
- Large trees in close proximity to tee's also causing root encroachment issues sucking up valuable water/nutrients from tee.

Poor planting locations/species of trees around tee areas from many years ago are really starting to affect our turf surfaces as tree's become larger and create more issues ultimately leading to poor quality turf. Pruning of some problem trees will be undertaken when funds are available/council provides approval.

 By increasing the size of the tee's it will allow us to spread the wear of golf being played more evenly across the tee which will ensure that turf has a better chance of recovery than it would if the markers were placed in the same spot, everyday, all year round.

In coming weeks you will notice the construction works really coming together and Im sure you will be pleased with the final result. Here are a few photos showing of work undertaken so far.

 Levelling of 18th social tee by hand and dragmat

Re-turfing commencing on 18th members tee

Re-turfing of 18th members tee complete

Beginning of landscaping with sandstone retaining wall

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