Sunday, 5 June 2016

Talk about wild weather! It seemed to be brewing all week and boy did it deliver with a dangerous mixture of heavy rainfall and strong winds over the past weekend. After having one of the driest and warmest May's on record, June is shaping to be one of the wettest ever recorded with a total of 232mm of rain falling on the course over the weekend! Last June we only had 130mm recorded over the entire month.

The fallout from this is an extremely wet golf course as well as an extremely messy golf course from the strong winds that accompanied the storm leaving debris from trees scattered throughout the entire cours. As a result the course was closed on Saturday and Sunday due to flooding and is also closed today (6/6/16) and (7/6/16) so that we can begin the large clean-up to get the course back to how it was before the storm. There are still very high wind warnings in place so more damage could follow depending on the weather and how lucky we are.

I am truly devastated by the effects the storm has had on the course, considering how hard my staff have worked to continually keep the course in great condition. We all know mother nature is one hell of a beast but we will bounce back and have the course back in great shape for you all ASAP!

Below are some photos that show the damage left by the weekend's storm to put into perspective why the course is closed. As I am writing this it has just begun raining again, not what we want!!

 2nd fairway flooding

17th bunker flooded

5th fairway flooded and debris on green/fairway

Fallen debris on 12th fairway

Fallen limb 13th tee

Fallen limbs 15th fairway

Tree completely removed from ground 11th tee

Rubbish left on 5th fairway after water subsides

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