Thursday, 21 July 2016

It's been a very wet July with 120mm (just shy of 5 inches) of rain falling so far in this month. The water table below the surface is continually rising during winter months as we get more rainfall hence why small amounts of rainfall may seem innocuous, but in reality is detrimental to recovery of turf surfaces.

This month we have been busy focusing on repairing a lot of essential irrigation components underground  that you can't see but are absolutely vital in order to achieve successful surfaces up above in the warmer months! With increasing summer temperatures and an irrigation system getting older and older each year, it is imperative that extensive maintenance is carried out in order to keep it functional. 

Diaphragm valve, ball valve and compression fitting install on a tee, messy work in the pouring rain!

The new 18th tee surrounds have been barked and a garden edge between the path and garden has been made with plants expected to be delivered next week. The turf and soil below is progressing nicely and has been top dressed and fertilised twice in the past 2 weeks to help level the soil and spark some new growth. It should be in play within the next 2 weeks if the weather is kind to us.

New 18th tee's and garden taking shape

We have started construction of a headwall/bridge on the left side of the 18th fairway near the 16th dam. During high rainfall events the 18th fairway becomes flooded and water restricts access in this area, we aim to allow better water flow into the dam and allow easier access over this area. 

Headwall and drainage pipe installed left of 16th dam with free material

With only 5 weeks to go until spring me and the staff are getting excited to commence another growing season and looking forward to continually improving the turf surfaces for all to enjoy! 

With the recent rain periods still fresh on my mind I will leave you with a photo of myself standing on the 5th green completely surrounded by water back in 2010. 

That is me between the two trees standing on the edge of the 5th green, the photo was taken from the bridge at the 17th tee. I was saturated from the hip down getting over there, but the photo made it worthwhile!

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