Tuesday, 23 August 2016

We have received 92mm in August so far which is around par for this time of year. The last month of winter has been a busy one with various maintenance works being undertaken. We are beginning to get the finer elements of the course prepared for spring which we can't wait for!

You may have noticed we have introduced a new mulch area between 7th green and 8th tee area. This area becomes extremely boggy during prolonged rainfall and created an eyesore with numerous tyre tracks remaining throughout the winter month. After being barked we are now able to drive through this area without leaving any tracks.

Another advantage is that balls will become easier to locate on the bark than they would be in long rough that can't be mown due to damp conditions. This area previously took approx 45 minutes to mow. During the growing season this area grows extremely and its not uncommon to mow this area twice per week so we are effectively now saving 1.5 hours a week in summer in labour that we can use towards other course management needs to improve course playability. Big thanks to the volunteer crew of Sid, John, Les and Jim for spreading the mulch that my staff had strategically placed to make the job that little bit easier.

Mulch area between 7th and 8th hole

With spring just around the corner all tees, greens surrounds and fairways were fertilised and various weeds were sprayed out to create a uniform surface. The fertiliser was applied to kickstart the turf growth for the new season and to compete and eliminate space for undesirable weeds to grow. 

We had another irrigation blowout to contend with last week which caused us to shut down the system to complete the repair. Large tree root issues are very common on our course and in this situation it caused mayhem on our irrigation system. This was a tricky repair mainly attributed to an existing fig tree root that had been growing along the pipe for several years and eventually gave way and cracked. This repair was swiftly completed to ensure irrigation system could return to normal function. Regular works are being undertaken behind the scenes to have the system ready for another summer season.

Tree root growing against pipe finally broke across creek

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